Sedres Cooperative Training Program

Through its cooperative training program, SADRESS is committed to offering 28-week temporary employment opportunities to a limited number of Saudi students from different universities and colleges to enable them to gain practical experience in their fields of study and help them Meet the academic requirements for graduation.

Admission Requirements:

A limited number of students are accepted according to the plans and budgets approved by the company and according to the ability of the department to host the students to provide the required work and supervision tasks, provided that they have the following conditions:

  • The student has completed six (6) University College.
  • The student’s major specialization should be relevant to the company’s operating areas.
  • 3-Working & Management capabilities for handling any size of project in territory.
  • The student has a cumulative average of not less than (2.0) of the total (4.0) points or (2.5) of the total (5.0) points or equivalent.
  • When the conditions are met, priority is given to residents of Jubail Industrial City where the company does not provide housing allowance

Joined Program Procedures:

  • Photo Official academic documents for the university or college.
  • Determine the student’s bank account number and IBAN number.
  • blood type.
  • Presenting the national identity card, driver’s license and driving license. Students who
  • use unlisted vehicles must bring a letter of authorization from the owner of the vehicle to allow them to drive.
  • Four (4) recent photographs

Features of the Program:

A monthly salary essential:
1500 SR (Thousand and Five
Hundred Riyals)

SR 500 For Each Calendar Month

Health Insurance
For 6 Months

Required fields: (Select One)

Marine Engineering


Financial Management
and Economics

Systems / Information

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